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The Insurance Community Center has created coverage checklists for all of the major types of insurance for both personal and commercial lines.  In addition there are checklists for Life, Annuities and Group Medical. The Checklists are found in the Insurance Community Center University.  It is our goal to constantly improve the community resources.  If there is a checklist not included on the community, please submit the insurance checklist that needs to be added and we will create the checklist.  In addition to coverage line checklists, the community will be creating checklists for specific industries such as: Contractors, Wineries, Manufacturers, Property Managers; and more.  These checklists will assist in identifying exposures and insurance coverages required.  These checklists are intended as a general guideline.  The community assumes neither liability nor responsibility to any person or business with respect to any loss that is alleged to be caused directly or indirectly as result of the definitions included herein.

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